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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Earplugs, Anyone??!!
Ergh, I have a headache, the kids are on full volume today! Wondering how other parents deal with the stress of everyday life? My two girls have spent 4 hours today doing a job that would have taken 45mins with one person. Why?!
I have huffed, and I've puffed, and I've pretty much exploded with crossness, frustration and disappointment.
And still we're not done.
The problem with my lot is that they simply do not care. I explain to them, if they get it done quickly, then they've got the rest of the day/holidays to play, watch TV, relax, etc. but its like talking to a brick wall. So I end up nagging, and eventually shouting. That's the other thing, too much shouting. I like a quiet life. But because the kids are so loud, either from being at each others throat or playing in high volume, that I end up shouting so they can hear me.
My son has been very good today, doing all I've asked him to do and more, helped with Lilly and the two of them played so nicely for a long time this morning. That's how it should be. I don't mind toys on the floor as long as its put away once played with. I don't mind dressing up as long as the clothes are put away and any dirty clothes put out for the wash. I do mind great big piles of paper, books, random toys all piled on top of the toy cupboard, with no sign of being moved. I do mind all kinds of rubbish bits of paper, old clementines, broken things, crumbs, an odd sock, a ponies head shoved under the sofa or hidden under a table, or behind a unit.That's not on.
I am past how to get this lot tidying, how can they not see how gross this is? They seem to think the crap fairy will come along and clean everything up while they are at school, but no fairy is coming, they make the mess, they clean it up again.
Any tips are very welcome, as its doing my head in and its only the second day of the holiday! I feel its going to be a long one....

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