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Wednesday, 11 April 2012

Bunnies Galore!!
So, how was your easter? Ours was very nice and chaotic as usual.
On the friday we took the kids (five of them, my four plus bf younger one) to see mirror mirror. We thought the kids would like it and in actual factwe wanted to see it aswell, so it was good for all, and most were very well behaved.
On sunday (egg day, as my Finnish friend calls it) we had an easter egg hunt.
For kids who dont believe in the easter bunny they were well getting into it!.
We had plastic hollow eggs filled with chocolate mini eggs, smarties eggs, egg sweets and stickers. they also hunted for cadburys creme eggs, so there was a good mix for all those who do and dont like chocolate!Then they got their big eggs and small treats. Usually they are very sensible with the opening of the eggs and make sure they can be wrapped up again after and make it spread out over a few weeks. Not this time! They opened everything in one go,and tipped it all out onto a plate each, plates piled high that chocolate buttons, minstrels, and aero balls were all dropping off with every movement. It wasnt a pretty sight (or was, depending on your thoughts of a chocolate fest). I felt sure there would be pandemonium. Fights over who ate whose, and 'you've taken mine!', 'mines all gone!' all filled my mind,and I was ready for it, but thanks to a few sainsburys bags and a permanent marker,and a gorgeous boyfriend of course, in actual fact they've all been really good and most of the chocolate is in fact gone already, and into the correct tummies to-boot.
Happy Easter everyone :-)

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